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In 2021 we held a Grand Depart of the Vermont Super 8 bikepacking route on Friday, Sep 24.

What is the Vermont Super 8 Grand Depart?

It's a self-supported bikepacking adventure that takes place at the end of September. Most riders start and finish in Montpelier. The course is self-navigated using GPS devices, and the ride is entirely self-supported. Riders are provided with a route and a list of resources, but they otherwise must carry their own gear and make their own camping arrangements. The course features many extremely rugged roads and trails.

VT Super 8 FKT's (Fastest Known Times) as of November 2021 (dd:hh:mm):
  • Full 8 (640 mi.), individual male self-supported: Logan Kasper / 2:23:16 / 2021 ITT

  • Full 8 (640 mi.), individual female self-supported: Brittni Gorman / 8:10:30 / 2020 GD

  • South Lobe (380 mi.), individual male self-supported: Logan Kasper / 1:17:25 / 2021 ITT

  • South Lobe (380 mi.), individual female self-supported: Brittni Gorman / 5:09:30 / 2020 GD

  • North Lobe (260 mi.), individual male self-supported: Logan Kasper / 0:22:18 / 2021 ITT

  • North Lobe (260 mi.), individual female self-supported: Brittni Gorman / 2:08:50 / 2020 GD

What exactly is the Self-Supported riding standard?

Read about it here.

Finish times for the 2021 Grand Depart

Riders had three mileage options for the figure 8 loop that starts and ends in Montpelier. Those riding the Full 8 also get finish times for the individual loops that comprise the Full 8, the North Lobe and the South Lobe. Time spent in Montpelier does not count towards an individual lobe time, but does count towards the Full 8 time. Unless otherwise noted, riders use geared bikes, ride as individuals (rather than teams), and Full 8 riders start with the South Lobe.

"SCR" stands for "scratched," which means the rider did not finish. The times of riders who bypass significant sections of the course but otherwise continue riding get marked with an asterisk (*).






































2021 Ride Reports:


The 2020 Grand Depart saw a COVID-cautious turnout. Some riders attempted a new "self-sufficient" standard, meaning they bought no resupply and entered no buildings during their rides. Results are posted below in dd:hh:mm format.


In 2019 we hosted a Grand Depart of the Super 8. Riders had 3 mileage options. The event was registered on Trackleaders.com and can be replayed here. Results are posted below in dd:hh:mm format.

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In 2018, the Super 8 was undergoing major developments. Payton MacDonald took on an ITT of the perimeter route as part of his "Sonic 8" project.



In 2017, we hosted a "choose your own adventure" Grand Depart. The Super 8 was more of a network than a definitive loop. All 4 riders camped together for the first two nights, then continued on their separate ways.

Brian Oley rode a plus-tire drop bar mtb and explored a lot of singletrack in Central VT. He stayed out for ~10 days.

Daniel Jordan rode most of the Super 8 perimeter on a drop bar mtb. 8 days.


Eric Azriel rode a fat tire mtb and stayed out for 3-4 days.


Kris Dennan rode a gravel bike and joined for 3 days.

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In 2015, Calvin Decker rode the XVT in 38 hours. You can read about his ride here: