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This website was built for the purpose of sharing bikepacking resources.


The Vermont Bikepackers chart routes across the state's network of ancient unmaintained roads as well as its robust and rapidly growing mountain biking infrastructure. The paths are already there -- we did not build them! We link them together, and in some cases get permission to use them. We've found a thousand miles of greatness and want to share it responsibly.

Most of the routes hosted on this page, and particularly the XVT, are the results of efforts begun over a decade ago by the late Dave Blumenthal and David Tremblay, and ridden by many others since then. The board of directors of the Vermont Bikepackers continue to make changes based on feedback from landowners, trail organizations, state agencies, and riders. There are many others who have contributed time and effort to route development.

We strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date information. We put a paywall in front of GPS files that make use of singletrack networks which depend on chapter support and trail work days. We give money back to those networks. We want to keep a healthy relationship between landowners, local trail organizations, and bikepackers from everywhere.

Vermont Bikepackers is a registered 501(c)(3) and is entirely volunteer-operated.

Ways to give

1. You can donate directly to the Vermont Bikepackers here:                    .


2. Become a member of VMBA, Vermont Bikepackers Chapter. List Vermont Bikepackers as your main chapter (or add-on chapter). Benefits include heavily-discounted lift tickets at ski hills and mountain bike parks, as well as discounts at restaurants and outdoor stores. When you choose to donate this way, 50% of your membership fee goes directly to VMBA, and the other 50% goes to Vermont Bikepackers.

Note that VMBA membership gets you access to the password-protected XVT download packet.

3. Buy the XVT! Some of the proceeds go to the trail organizations that maintain the singletrack, and some of it goes to us to keep doing what we're doing.