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What is the Vermont Super 8 Grand Depart?

It's a self-supported bikepacking adventure that takes place at the end of September. Most riders start and finish in Montpelier. The course is self-navigated using GPS devices. Riders are provided with a route and a list of resources, but they otherwise must carry their own gear and make their own camping arrangements. The course features some of Vermont's extremely rugged roads and trails, and it covers very hilly terrain.

To register for the 2024 Grand Depart (scheduled for Friday, Sep 27), please send your Letter of Intent to and There is no registration fee. Please state the following in your LOI:

  • Your name and home address

  • Which mileage option you intend to ride: 275-mile North Lobe, 280-mile South Lobe, or 655-mile Full 8. You'll be able to change this selection later if you like, but we want to know what you're aiming for now.

  • Your acknowledgement of and intention to abide by our self-supported standard.

  • A bit about your prior bikepacking experience (if any), and your plan for getting to/from the ride.

    • Riders are encouraged to carpool with others or to take the train if possible. In lieu of any donations or registration fee, we ask that riders take into consideration the carbon footprint of their travel to the starting line and make a well-researched purchase of carbon credits or donation to a CO2 emissions offset program.

You can check out the current edition of the Super 8 on the routes page, but please know that small changes are made to the route nearly every year. Intending Grand Depart riders will be looped into an email thread and supplied with a finalized .gpx file and camping guide in advance of the event.

If you'd like to take on an Individual Time Trial (ITT) of the Super 8 outside of the time window of the Grand Depart, email and, and we'll ensure you have the latest route revision and camping guide. We can also work with you to set up satellite tracking, if you like.

What is the Self-Supported riding standard?

Read about it here.

Finish Times & Ride Reports

Riders had three mileage options for the figure 8 loop that starts and ends in Montpelier. Those riding the Full 8 also recieve finish times for the individual loops that comprise the Full 8, the North Lobe and the South Lobe. Time spent in Montpelier does not count towards an individual lobe time, but does count towards the Full 8 time. "SCR" stands for "scratched," which means the rider did not finish. The times of riders who bypass significant sections of the course but otherwise continue riding get marked with an asterisk (*). Riders who begin with the intent to complete the full 8 but only complete one lobe receive a finish time for that lobe but a "SCR" for the Full 8.

Unless otherwise noted, riders use geared bikes, ride as individuals (rather than teams), and Full 8 riders start with the South Lobe. The course is subject to change each year for myriad reasons; it is the intent of the route stewards to keep the overall difficulty of the Super 8 course roughly equivalent from year to year, as mileage, elevation, terrain, and other factors change.

If you rode the Super 8 and would like your time listed below - or if you take objection to any time listed below, or if you have a ride report we haven't linked - then please reach out to and .

VT Super 8 FKT's (Fastest Known Times) as of February 2024 (dd:hh:mm):
  • Full 8 individual self-supported male + overall: Logan Kasper / 2:23:16 / 2021 ITT

  • Full 8 individual self-supported female: Tatianna Wawrzynski / 7:00:10 / 2022 GD

  • South Lobe individual self-supported male + overall: Logan Kasper / 1:17:25 / 2021 ITT

  • South Lobe individual self-supported female: Paige Redman / 2:16:42 / 2022 ITT

  • North Lobe individual self-supported male + overall: Logan Kasper / 0:22:18 / 2021 ITT

  • North Lobe individual self-supported female: Dominique Laliberté / 1:14:15 / 2024 GD

Satellite Tracking

Each year, most riders use a voluntary satellite tracking service so we can "dot watch." Below are links to Grand Departs of years past. You can replay the riders and explore results.

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