Vermont Bikepackers Atlas

Check out our new Atlas! If you're looking for the surface-type map of the Vermont Super 8, that's still available here.

The routes shown on the Vermont Bikepackers Atlas are open for anyone to download through RidewithGPS. You don't need to have a RidewithGPS account to download the routes.

Check out our RidewithGPS Clubs page for more in-depth details. If you're interested in joining our RidewithGPS Clubs account and adding/managing public routes of your own, we ask that you first join the Vermont Bikepackers chapter of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA).

Before setting out on your ride, please check the route page to see if there have been recent updates to your route file.

Please note that although our members devote many hours research and recon into these routes, we can't guarantee a route is perfect. Conditions on the ground change every year as right-of-ways change, roads close and open. When you download a route, you assume full responsibility over your own navigation and behavior. If you run into conflict with a trail user or a landowner, please remember that it's more important to be respectful than to be right. You are representing bikepackers everywhere.

Do not be limited by the resources on this page! Riders are encouraged to do their own homework by researching and even reaching out to local services, parks, and townships. Google is your friend, -- trust but verify. Local resources take precedence over google maps.

That said, it is common practice for landowners to post No Trespassing signs on either side of a legal right-of-way that goes near their property. They are making it clear that they don't want anyone hiking or camping in their woods. If a road itself is newly closed to the public, you can expect something more explicit like a gate, flagging, or a sign in the right-of-way. Ride with confidence!

For questions about the atlas, or about any routes or waypoints, you should be able to comment directly on a route. If you run into conflict with a landowner or another trail user, or if you find a section that appears to be closed to the public or a section where what's on your GPS unit seems to be grossly mismatched with what you're seeing on the ground, then we want to hear from you. You can reach out to and

See you out there!