New: This map shows the Vermont Super 8 color-keyed by road surface type. Use this map to plan and set expectations! The download packet includes a more detailed description for each way point shown on this map, including phone numbers and camping guidelines.

This map is not intended to be used for navigation! Please download and use the .gpx tracks to navigate using your phone or GPS of choice.


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Vermont Super 8

last revised: June 2020, v,2020A. ~640 mi, ~60kft ascent

The Vermont Super 8 is a bikepacking route in the shape of an 8 that connects dirt roads throughout Vermont. The route uses public rights-of-way ranging from short sections of pavement to remote and rugged ancient roads. You should expect plenty of climbing, some overgrown roads, some washed out and loose terrain, and lots of cruising on classic Vermont dirt. Depending on your bike of choice, you may face short hike-a-bikes.

This route is challenging! A 40-mile day bikepacking in Vermont can feel like a 100-mile day on a road bike. Set your expectations accordingly, and plan well to give yourself intermediate options and contingency plans.

The northern lobe of the 8 is designed to be ridden counter-clockwise. The southern lobe is designed to be ridden clockwise. Any direction is fine, but if you go opposite of this suggestion then you may encounter a particularly rugged climb!

Towns and camping areas are spaced strategically along the Super 8 to provide riders with consistent resupply options. The waypoints shown on the map above are included in the 2019 .gpx track linked below for download. In the cases where resupply points or other points-of-interest are nearby but significantly off-route, the .gpx will show an optional spur to the waypoint. We recommend using a Garmin or other similar GPS unit that can store and navigate .gpx tracks.

Vermont BIkepackers is proud to coordinate with the Kingdom Trails Association to provide Super 8 riders complimentary access to specified trails on the KTA network on the way through Burke. If you plan to ride this section of the Super 8, you must sign the waiver included in your download folder. 

recommended minimum tire size: 45c / 1.95, though many riders choose full MTB or plus tires.

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XVT Bikepack Route

last revised: 1 Oct 2018, rev 2018C. 322 mi, 33kft ascent northbound

Mass to Canada. The original point-to-point VT bikepacker challenge.

The XVT Bikepack Route (a.k.a. "VBR") is an elusive connection of singletrack trail systems that runs up the spine of the Green Mountains. An XVT ride can be summarized as any bikepacking ride that starts at the MA border on Merrifield Road, finishes at the US-CA border in Derby Line, and takes as much singletrack as possible in between, and in the absence of singeltrack, takes as much dirt as possible.

What we have for download on this site is an approximation of what the XVT could or should become. It takes riders on singletrack trail networks that are maintained by member-funded local trail organizations. Because of the frequency of maintenance required by these trails, the XVT's exact .gpx track changes every year. To ride the XVT you will need navigation skills, common sense, respect, and patience. 


Vermont Bikepackers has been curating this .gpx track since 2012. The route itself has been in development since the early 2000's, which has involved major re-routes at the behest of trail local organizations. Please do not ride the singletrack if the weather is bad or if trails are closed. The download packet includes an alternate route with detours around sections subject to closure. Use that instead!

You can expect water bars, storm damage, hike-a-bikes, smooth gravel, rutted-out Class 4 roads, and singletrack diversions that will kill your pace. The XVT takes pavement over Brandon Gap and Lincoln Gap. The 2018 version includes the singletrack sections listed below. You may get lost on the singletrack sections, especially if night riding, because the resolution of these files is not fine enough to account for tight, twisty singletrack as displayed on your GPS unit of choice. We recommend studying VMBA's website alongside planning ahead of time (consider pre-riding if attempting an ITT) in order to minimize your chances of losing your way on the singletrack.

Singletrack links below. Study them so you won't have to rely on your GPS unit alone.

  1. Green Mountain Trails (Pittsfield)

  2. Contest Trail

  3. Corporation Trail

  4. Moosalamoo Chandler Ridge

  5. Widow's Clearing

  6. Mad River Riders Trails

  7. WATA

  8. Cady Hill (Stowe)

  9. Stowe

  10. Cady's Falls

recommended minimum tire size: Mountain bike tires. Plus or fat is a great option too.

To obtain the XVT packet, we ask that you join the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, Bikepackers Chapter, and then reach out to to request the files. Why do we ask you to join? Because the singletrack you'll ride on the XVT is the result of trail work of local chapters of VMBA. VMBA is a member-funded organization.

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