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2024 Grand Depart Announcement

The date for the 7th annual Grand Depart of the Vermont Super 8 has been set: Friday, Sep 27, 2024. Test your mettle against Vermont's relentless hills, rugged class four roads, and fickle weather on this self-supported bikepacking adventure.

The mass rollout will take place in Montpelier, but riders are welcome to join from anywhere along the 655-mile figure 8 that loops through Vermont. Although there is a draft of the Super 8 available on our routes page, a finalized course and camping guide will be provided over email to intending grand depart participants.

To learn more about the grand depart, including instructions for sending in your Letter of Intent, see the grand depart page. There you'll find finish times of riders from years past and links to many dozens of ride reports (click on a rider's name in the results to see their ride report). There's tons of information for newer riders on what to expect. There is no registration fee to participate in the Super 8 Grand Depart. However, we do ask that riders take into consideration the carbon footprint of their travel to the starting line and make a well-researched purchase of carbon credits or donation to a CO2 emissions offset program. Riders are encouraged to carpool, take the train (e.g. Amtrak to Montpelier), or even to ride to the start. Every year we have a few riders start from various points along the 8, such as Brattleboro or Derby Line.

Reach out to and with questions. We're excited to see what this year brings for the Super 8 and hope you'll consider experiencing it with us.


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