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Won't you Bindle?

We're stoked to announce that the first ever Vermont Bikepackers' Bindle Campout Ride will take place October 12-14! This is a pretty unique ride format that borrows from randonneuring traditions, but in summary: we lead gravel rides to/from/around Pete's Camp, and we camp there all weekend.

Pete's Camp is an expansive hilltop property dedicated to hosting adventure. Think forests, fields, stone walls, a bike stable, a kitchen, and a huge outdoor stove.

Our one rule: whether you join us Friday or Saturday, you must leave your car behind and reach Pete's by pedal power only.


See above for where/when to meet on Friday! If you want to join on Saturday, find us at the Vermont Country Store in Weston around lunch time ;-p. Those who start the Saturday group ride at Pete's will have left their gear at camp, but join us on Saturday fully loaded and grind up to Pete's with us! Unless you just want to tag along Saturday and then get back to your vehicle solo, which is fine but we'll miss you at camp. Either way the pace will be low-threat, low-speed, high adventure. Expect 7-10 mph rolling average on everything from pavement to chunky Vermont Class 4 dirt. (And leaves!)

Friday, 12 Oct (afternoon): Meet up with Daniel or Kris (see above). Ride up to Pete's Camp on pavement, dirt, and Class 4 roads. Dinner at Pete's!

Sat, 13 Oct: Breakfast, then all-day ride!! B.Y.O. ride food. We will be stopping by at least 2 general stores during the day for food / lunch #1 / lunch #2. Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT around noon. Ride concludes at Pete's (ideally before dark), and we chow down. Again: expect conditions much like the Super 8. Lots of dirt, some pavement, some class 4.

Sunday, 14 Oct: Breakfast, chill, maybe some yoga, then disperse!

Registration is $30/night, or $20/night for VMBA Bikepackers' Chapter members. Includes dinner and breakfast. Email us with questions!


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