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Take on the 8 in 2021

Join us on Friday, Sep 24 ​for the start of your self-supported bikepacking adventure. There will be a group start in Montpelier, but you may choose to start from Brattleboro or Derby Line, VT if it's more convenient. There are three mileage options: north lobe (260), south lobe (380) or full 8 (640 miles) of the Vermont Super 8 bikepacking route.  For more information on the route, see our routes page.

This is not a group ride! Riders will be responsible for their own supplies, services, and navigation. Riders will be provided with a .gpx track file and should complete the chosen course under their own power in order to be included in the results. There is no entry fee, but riders will be encouraged to register with a satellite tracking service for the duration of their ride. To learn about other riders' past experiences on the Super 8, and to find out more about the self-supported bikepacking standards, check out the GD/ results / reports page.

The Super 8 is an extremely challenging course, but with the right expectations, preparation, gear, pacing, and mindset, riders of many skill levels can take it on. Vermont has an inclusive community of bikepackers. If you have questions about the route, you are encouraged to float them to this facebook group.

To register for the Grand Depart, send a Letter of Intent to . Please state that you understand that you are solely responsible for your own services and support. It would also be good to know your intended mileage option and previous bikepacking experience as well.

See you in September! Maybe before then. Cheers and happy new year.


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